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You must message me with a profile picture, username, where you're from, and ways to contact you.

Users - Changelog

What's the News?

- Cellspace has been created!
Also, if you want, you can put a Cellspace banner ad on your site. (2/4/18)

Contact us!

Owner (sushipantsu) - sushipantsu@gmail.com, sushipantsu#1680 on Discord, or netscape625 on Trillian
If you have my Skype, you may message me on there too

What is "Cellspace"?

Cellspace is a service on Neocities for members to create a profile and be put on a list of users that other people can access, just so they can know more about you and what you do. You can put ways to contact you on your profile, your favorite things, and basically edit it like you're a little kid messing with their buddy info all over again. Cellspace is inspired by Infoseek.

The Owners

sushipantsu, HTML extraordinare, and professional illiterate, is the man who came up with Cellspace. You can visit his site at https://sushipantsu.neocities.org. He wrote all the code for Cellspace on ConTEXT, from scratch.

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